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Who We Are

Complete care is a registered NDIS provider committed to providing tailored options for people with disability and their families to reach their full potential. At Complete care we provide you with flexibility, choice and control in how your service is delivered. We empower people with disability by providing them opportunities to participate in a variety of inclusive and innovative programs of their choice. At Complete care we make sure we address all our participants needs and understand they are our primary focus in everything we do.


Empower people with disability become independent by providing affordable services so participants can have control over their own lives and become great contributors to their communities.


To inspire people with disability and show them their full ability by making our participants the focus of everything we do, and to also insure our services are tailored to their different needs.


Empowerment: We empower our participants and their families to have a voice and full control of their daily services we provide for them and understand that in the end of the day it’s their lives so it should be their choice.

Responsibility: We share mutual responsibility with our participants, their families and community. We understand we have a duty of care on how we delivery our services to their needs.

Learning: We see every task or feedback as the opportunity to learn and grow as a provider. We also understand that providing the best services comes from learning and understanding our participants needs.

Integrity: We understand that being fair and transparent comes from been honest and having moral principles, that’s why honesty and integrity with our participants and their families is the core principle we stand for in delivering our services.

Compassion: We believe compassionate love is nested within social relationships, and it is not only the healthcare provider who improves health and quality of life, but also people within the participants social support network.

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